Reversal Handwork : Workshop by Richard Tuohy


Richard Tuohy, from Nanolab (Australia) will do workshop at LaborBerlin on Wednesday 2nd of November from 11am till 7 p.m. The workshop will focus on the black and white reversal processing using 16mm film.


Reversal Handwork:
Applying photographic chemistry with a brush!

“All photographic film is first and foremost black and white negative. During the normal reversal laboratory process, the original film is first developed as a negative, then, through a series of chemical baths, it is converted to a positive image. It is possible to intervene in this normal process by applying some of these chemicals by hand with a brush, thereby limiting their effect to particular areas of the film. By hand, we can make certain areas positive, while others remain negative, or we can isolate selective areas of positive or negative image in areas of either clear or black film. In this workshop, participants will begin by shooting a roll of 16mm film as a group and then we will develop it as a negative. After this, the fun begins as we apply reversal bleach, developer and or fixer to selective areas of the image, exploring a variety of visual possibilities. These techniques can be used as a foundation for quite complex visual collages through subsequent printing of these images. Participants shouldn’t wear their best clothes for this workshop!”