LaborBerlin regularly hosts workshops that are designed to keep the analog spirit and knowledge alive across generations. These include regular darkroom workshops, tutoriums on how to use the various equipment at the Labor (like the contact printer, scanner, or KRASS animation stand), but also creative workshops on processes like phytography, multiple-exposure filmmaking, etc. They are ran by members of the Labor for other members of the Labor. If you would like to join, please apply to become a member here.

  • Photos from Athens

    Here are some photos from our most recent workshop held in Athens, published on

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  • S8-Kinoworkshop in Bremen

    [vimeo w=398&h=224] 8./9./10.7.2011 aller-ort, Bremen ein s8-kinoworkshop mit Clemens Kowalski & Clara Bausch

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  • Analógika Screening

    On Wednesday, April 6th, after our regular monthly meeting, we’ll present the Analógika workshop results at 10PM. During a 9-day-workshop, led by LaborBerlin members Linn Löffler and Michel Balagué, in Budapest, Hungary, 16 participants learned to work with analog film material (super 8 and 16 mm) including shooting, developing and editing. films by: Tamás Novinszki,…

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  • Analógika

    11.3.2011, 21:00 at Artbázis, Howánzki u. 25, Budapest. With films by Szirtes András, Irene Revolte, Clara Bausch, Josip Šćurec, Viktoria Schmid, Nadine Taschler, Cédric Gaul-Berrard, Igor és Ivan Buharov, Juan David Gonzalez Monroy, Lee Deborah Bower & Matt Fleming.

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  • Inventional Alltag–Workshop 1-4.2.

    INVENTIONAL ALLTAG: a multi-layered, experimental, collaborative workshop series culminating into a performance, organised by Annette Knol & Anne Kohl. In einem fünftägigen Programm mit vier Workshopeinheiten werden unterschiedliche multimediale Techniken vermittelt, anhand derer sich die Workshopteilnehmer_innen (max. 12) mit einer gemeinsam gewählten Thematik aus dem Bereich Alltag auseinandersetzen. Ausgangspunkt für die Themenwahl ist die Beschäftigung…

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  • 2011: first steps first experiments

    Here are a couple of photos from our first workshop in 2011: Tests confirmed that we will eventually be able to use the Crass animation stand as a step contact printer! And some details for those who might like to know: Settings were at 1/2 sec exposure, open shutter, different stops from 2-8 Film stock:…

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