LIFT OFF: An Emulsion Lift Workshop


Date: Wednesday, June 24 & Thursday, June 25 2015
Workshop: 10:30 – 17:00 both days
Location: Meeting point is in front of Panke (Gerichtstr. 23, Hof 5)

This workshop is open to non-LaborBerlin members. Previous processing experience is recommended, but not necessary.


Taylor Dunne and Eric Stewart will be visiting LaborBerlin to teach the workshop LIFT OFF: An Emulsion Lift Workshop.

“Lift Off” is a two part workshop examining material manipulations of 16mm film. The workshop will focus primarily on the emulsion lift and reticulation technique to explore degradation and decay. An emulsion lift is where film is immersed in a hot sodium carbonate solution, this causes the emulsion to reticulate and separate from the films base. Once separated the emulsion can be placed on a variety of separate materials; including another piece of clear film. This technique will combine direct animation with photochemical manipulation; to present a cohesive survey of material investigations to workshop participants.

Emulsion lifted film cannot be projected directly because the film surface is so fragile. The second part of the workshop will focus on making film prints of the manipulated film. Film will be printed to black and white film via a synchronizer, used as a diy contact printer. Additionally prints will be made via direct exposure by placing film directly on unexposed stock.

Taylor Dunne and Eric Stewart are artists currently living in Colorado (USA). They share an affinity for 16mm filmmaking, they use photochemical processes as a means to explore the interconnectedness of time, history and the landscape. They are currently collaborating on a film investigating the history of uranium mining and nuclear weapons testing in the American Southwest.

Pre-registration is required. To register for the workshop please send an email to

Workshop fee for non-members: 40 € plus 5 € for materials