Summer Screening 2023



12/08/2023, Freilichtbühne Weißensee

doors: 8pm, film & performances: 9 pm

LaborBerlin presents its annual Summer Screening on August 12th, 2023 at the Freilichtbühne Weißensee.

As it has become a custom, we present a program of new and recent films and performances by members of LaborBerlin and friends.

Come celebrate with us the beauty of hand-processed, do-it-yourself film!
Please feel free to come early, meet the film makers, and hang out at the bar!

Tickets to the event are available online or at the venue.


P.A.R.T. by Manque La Banca, film performance, 20′, 2021
A simultaneous assembly, three screens that interact with the fragmentation of spaces and bodies, ultimately the possibility of disarming living forms and giving them a new meaning.
Interlude by Deborah S. Phillips, 16mm, 1:30′, 2023
Finding beauty in life after the trouble has passed
Mawiza, 16mm, 8:40′, 2022
It is a botanical film that represents an exercise in observation and enhancement of nature. An experience that relates young people with their environment.
Running Woman by OJOBOCA, 16mm, 3′, 2023
In an interview, filmmaker Hollis Frampton discussed his early work including a lost film called “A Running Man,” characterized as a landscape film featuring a continually running, unidentified man. He mentioned that the film had been “projected to death”. Inspired by this concept, we decided to create our own version of the film.
Start by Francisco Irribarra, film performance, 3′, 2023
A film that goes forwards and backwards


Open Skin by Pilar Falco, film performance, 10′, 2023
Raw flesh. Dry leaves. Silence does not exist.
The cats from the castle by Renata Daguerre, film performance, 9′, 2023
After royalty passed away, cats took terrain, conquer the space, inhabited the castle. The most beautiful castle in France, now belongs to wild, grimy and elegant felines.
Elephant story by Katrin Eissing, film performance, 8′, 2023
When the elephant was smuggled to East Berlin and the love for the monkey keeper began <3, Starring live Helmut Höge


Making sense of the white noise (WT) by Bernd Lützeler, DCP, 08:05′, 2023
work-in-progress: Echoes of neoliberal wisdom from the origins of our misguided global economy still resonate into our reality today…
Fearkingdom by Kornél Szilagyi & Linn Löffler, DCP, 23:45′, 2022
About 30 years ago, it was Hungary that tore down the Iron Curtain by opening its borders for East German refugees. But in 2015, the Hungarian government had a new border fence made of barbed wire rebuilt along the Serbian-Croatian border.