Experimental Color Printing & Processing Workshop


Date: Saturday, Oktober 11th 2014 & Sunday, Oktober 12th 2014
Workshop: each day from 10:00 – 17:00
Location: LaborBerlin e.V., Gerichtstr. 65, 13347 Berlin

This workshop is open to non-LaborBerlin members. Previous processing experience is recommended, but not necessary.


Kevin Rice, member of the Process Reversal collective, is once again visiting LaborBerlin. He will be with us to teach the workshop A Fear of Color – Experimental Color Printing & Processing plus present a program of films. (Screening details TBA)

Since the 1950’s, the color printing process has established itself as both an economical and simple process, representing a strong majority of the output from nearly all commercial film labs. However, despite this prominence, few film makers have sought to explore, by hand, the vast creative potentials of the chemical and mechanical elements within this process. While there may be many reasons for this, much of it has to do with various misconceptions and fears that have evolved over time about working in color. Therefore, In this two to three day workshop, we will be exploring many of the aspect relating to the color printing process in an attempt to overcome misconceptions and illuminate the humbling simplicity and malleability of the process. In this regard, there’s so much to discover that topics may vary significantly depending on the duration and desires of the group. Some possible elements to explore include:

– Color film theory
– Color chemistry formulation and mixology
– Processing for color negative, positive and reversal film
– Basic color printing & grading for both contact and optical printers
– DIY color safelights and printers
– Alternative processes in Color, such as bleach etching and photogramming

Film stock and chemistry will be supplied.

Instructor: Originating from Denver, Colorado, Kevin Rice is a ‘film archivist’ whose practice focuses on the study of photochemical theories, the development of lab resources for filmmakers, and the documentation of various darkroom odysseys on motion picture film. In 2012, he helped found Process Reversal, a film collective dedicated to producing resources for filmmakers and film labs. His most recent efforts include the engineering of a b&w reversal process based on the properties of seawater for an adaptation of Homer’s Epic Cycle.

Pre-registration is required. To register for the workshop please send an email to

Workshop fee for non-members: 60 € (includes print film & chemistry)