Cinema of Ruins


CINEMA OF RUINS workshop by Solomon Nagler 

Artists working with celluloid are migrating beyond the cinema, into galleries and in public spaces. The architecture of projection and the apparatuses of presentation are recontextualized, often incorporating sculptural works that dynamically augment the content of the film material.

This workshop explores intersections of architecture, installation art and celluloid cinema. Participants will create sculptural film works on  high-contrast 16mm film, which will be processed using Morse tanks. Participants will exhibit their work in public space, and are encouraged to work collaboratively to explore spatial perspective, as well as intersections between projection and form.  

Date: July 23rd – 29th 2017 Location: LaborBerlin e.V., Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Berlin This workshop is open to non-LaborBerlin members. Participation is limited and pre-registration is required. To register for the workshop please send an email to Workshop fee for non-members: 50 €

Number of participants:   around 12
Material: 16mm Film material (Kodak 3374) and developing chemistry are provided
Cameras: if possible, participants should bring their 16mm cameras. Since shooting can be done in groups, it’s okay if not everyone has their own camera.
Location:  The first two days of the workshop will take place at LaborBerlin and Theatre Space at Prinzenallee 58 .
Workshop Schedule
Sunday July 23rd (all day) – at theatre-room and lab at Prinzenallee 58
Introductions of key concepts and review of readings handed out prior to the workshop. Viewing and discussion of sculptural cinema works. Bolex review, test shoot in groups.
Monday July 24th (all day) – at theatre-room and lab
Morse Tank workshop and processing of test footage. Creation of collaborative teams, design and sculpture intensive with Interdisciplinary artist Angela Henderson.
July 25th to July 28th
Independent Work Week. Participants will have full access to the lab to work independently on their projects. A review and crit of works in progress will be conducted in the evening of Wednesday, July 26th.  
July 29th (evening)
Exhibition of Collaborative works . Artists will select a location (preferably within close vicinity of  one another) to exhibit their work. All technical specifications (including projection and sculptural material) must be prepared and ready to show well in advance to the exhibition.

 Solomon Nagler’s films have been featured in Retrospectives at the Winnipeg Cinematheque, Excentris Cinema in Montreal, the Festival de le Cinéma Different in Paris, The Calgary Society of Independent Filmmakers, The Canadian Film Institute in Ottawa, Robert Heald Gallery in Wellington, New Zealand, The Artist Film Workshop in Melbourne, Australia and the Cinematheque Quebecoise. His work also includes 16mm celluloid installations that engage with experimental architecture in galleries and public space. These works have been exhibited at the Toronto International Film Festival, 8-11 Gallery (Toronto), Artspace Gallery (Sydney, Australia), Send and Receive Festival of Sound (Winnipeg) and The Halifax Independent Filmmakers’ Festival. Originally from Winnipeg, Solomon Nagler is co-founder of WNDX: Festival of the Moving Image in Winnipeg and currently lives in Halifax where he is a professor of film production at NSCAD University.

For more information, please visit the artist’s website.