Jules Leaño – winter/summer/winter



LaborBerlin is happy to invite you all on the 14th of March to Jules Leaño presentation at S.P.A.C.E. in Wiesenstraße 29, the residency space that LaborBerlin is running in the context of the SPECTRAL project.

winter/summer/winter is a self destroying projection, exploring chemical and physical properties of the film projection and the chemical impact the anthropocene has on the Earth’s environment. Throughout the projection, the installation will irreversibly change form, with each change potentially accelerating the damage of another element of the piece.

The installation takes inspiration from Jürgen Reble and Schmelzdahin’s explorations of the materiality of analogue film. Please be aware that this installation uses chemicals that could cause irritation if touched.

March 14
From 17:00
Wiesenstraße 29

The event is supported by the Creative Europe Programme and the Senate of the City of Berlin