FRENKEL DEFECTS – Visiting filmmaker screening


Date: Saturday, Oktober 4th 2014
Screening: 20:00
Location: West Germany, Skalitzer Str. 133, 10999 Berlin


Visiting filmmaker Kevin Rice will be presenting the program Frenkel Defects. This program is an interstitial exploration of imperfection as documented through the celluloid-specific works of artist run film labs across the world. In this second edition, recent works from several North American film collectives and organizations will be featured, including Double Negative, Process Reversal, LOMAA and more.

With films by Andrew Busti, Malena Szlam, Martha Jurksaitis, Sarah Biagini, Mariya Nikiforva, Taylor Dunne, Charlie Egleston, Robert Schaller, Margaret Rorison and Kevin Rice.

Before the program Matt Rappaport and Ted Hardin, who are in town from Chicago, will be sharing three short films involving tourism, travel, and distance.