EMAF – Unburdened Recollections



In partnership with EMAF, LaborBerlin, has embarked on a project to create a living archive of Expanded Cinema, selecting historical works to re-stage based on available documentation and with the consent of the artists or their estates. Under the name, Unburdened Recollections, this initiative does not seek to create exact replicas but aims for interpretations that remain true to the original artistic vision, acknowledging the inherent impossibility of capturing the full ephemeral nature of the original works.

For the second edition of the project, we will dedicate two evenings to the Expanded Cinema of Malcolm Le Grice and Babeth Mondini-VanLoo. On the first evening we will present a re-staging of Malcolm Le Grice’s seminal, Horror Film 1. Although Le Grice has decided to no longer perform the piece himself, he has collaborated with the artists Louise Curham and Lucas Ihlein on the creation of a manual for others to present the work. Under the name Teaching and Learning Cinema, Curham and Ihlein have developed a methodology for reenacting expanded cinema based on creating handbooks. Based on their research, the artist Cinzia Nistico presented a reenactment of Horror Film 1 in Rotterdam last year, and she will be present to perform the latest version of the piece.

The second evening, dedicated to Mondini-VanLoo will feature a presentation of the expanded version of Chance Versus Causality: The New Realists. The piece, originally a 16mm double projection with an improvised soundtrack by Cabaret Voltaire, was recently restored digitally by the Eye Film Museum in the Netherlands. With the help of the artist and Simona Monizza, archivist at EYE, we will present a re-staging of the double projection on 16mm.

The re-staged works will be accompanied by a panel discussion with Babeth VanLoo, Simona Monizza, Cinzia Nistico, Louise Curham and Lucas Ihlein to discuss the challenges of recreating and archiving these works. The panel will be moderated by Celine Ruivo.

19:00, Haus der Jugend
Malcolm Le Grice – Love Story 2 (GB 1970)
Malcolm Le Grice – Horror Film 1 (GB 1971)

19:00, Haus der Jugend
Babeth Mondini-VanLoo – Andy Warhol’s Unfinished Symphony (NL 1975)
Babeth Mondini-VanLoo – Chance Versus Causality: The New Realists (NL, US 1976)

11:00, Kunsthalle
SPECTRAL. Unburdened Recollections Panel
With: Babeth VanLoo, Simona Monizza, Cinzia Nistico, Louise Curham and Lucas Ihlein
Moderation: Celine Ruivo

The event is supported by the Creative Europe Programme and the Senate of the City of Berlin