Director’s Lounge 2012


February is the busiest month for experimental cineastes in Berlin, and not just because of the big festival that hits town! There are many satellite events that pilot great films such as the International Director’s Lounge, now in its 8th edition, and of course our very own film show case DIFFRAKTION. Stay tuned for news on our program details and show times!
Meanwhile, we’re happy to say that LaborBerlin members Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn (the powerhouse duo known as Distruktur), and Jakob Kirchheim will be screening new works as part of Director’s Lounge on February 13th. Curated by Deborah S. Phillips, the program entitled Out of the Blue: Plötzlich wird alles anders features following filmmakers: Lutz Garmsen, Tanya Ury, Jakob Kirchheim and Teresa Delgado, Melissa Delius and Gustavo Jahn, Tsuyoshi Harada, and Deborah S Phillips.

Download the program flyer here