Diffraktion # 9


LaborBerlin e.V. presents

Date: February 2, 2019
Location: ACUD MACHT NEU, Veteranenstrasse 21, 10119 Berlin
Hours: Doors open at 7pm, event begins at 7:30pm

LaborBerlin e.V. is happy to present the 9th edition of Diffraktion, the annual showcase highlighting new works by LaborBerlin members and friends.

This year’s Diffraktion will be hosting guests from Labodoble (Prague) showing the new performance of Alexandra Moralesová and Georgy Bagdasarov.

LaborBerlin members will present their latest collection of analogue works on Super8 and 16mm film.

With works by: Natalia Fentisova, Isma Gane, Dr. Globus & Busenvolk, Luisa Greenfield, Tomasz Konart, Melina Pafundi, Alejo Franzetti, Deborah S. Philipps, Katrin Eissing, Bernd Lützeler, Alexandra Moralesová and Georgy Bagdasarov

The event will be moderated by Maria Morata and Alejo Franzetti.

Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/276592823049526/