20/08/2022, Freilichtbühne Weißensee

doors: 7pm, film programme: 8:45 pm

After a two-year break LaborBerlin is looking forward to presenting at Freilichtbühne Weißensee a new edition of DIFFRAKTION, highlighting works from the Artist Film Workshop (AFW) of Melbourne, Australia, as well as the newest works from LaborBerlin members.

From Melbourne, filmmaker Lucas Haynes will be present, as along with most of the filmmakers from the LaborBerlin program. Florian Wüst, film curator, will guide through the evening.

Tickets to the event are available online or at the venue.

PROGRAMME 1: films by the Artist Film Workshop

Artist Film Workshop (AFW) is an Australian artist collective and nonprofit organisation which provides access to knowledge and resources for filmmakers and artists in Melbourne. AFW holds regular screenings and workshops for people interested in film or working with sound and vision.

_Fade, Callum Ross-Thomson, 2017, 6′

_Is Anybody Coming to Dinner, Audrey Lam, 2022, 9′

_Sensor Lights in Flemington, Lucas Haynes, 2022, 10′

_Self Portrait With Bag, Dianna Barrie, 2020, 6′

_Valpi, Richard Tuohy, 2019, 9′

_caterpillar reaction, Angus Peter, 7′

_Watercourse, Hanna Chetwin, 5′

PROGRAMME 2: films by LaborBerlin

_Achter de geraniums zitten, Renata Daguerre, 2022, 13′ / One afternoon with Alice, Stefenie, Brigitte and Samantha walking around Rotterdam.

_Film School – Superperfection, Christin Turner (assisted by Natalia Fentisova), 2022, 4′ / A music video about wilderness overtaking the ruins of civilization, shot in Sintra Portugal & Schloss Charlottenburg.

_All About Postupak, Katrin Eissing, 2022, 7′ / The term “Postupak” is untranslateable.

_Frausein, Sushisoße, 2022, 2′ / Down with the old system.

_Die Bethanien Tetralogie, Deborah S. Phillips, 2021, 11′, 16mm performance / The Bethanien Tetralogie is an ode to Kunstquartier Bethanien.

_Playas, Pilar Falco, 2022, 7′ / Staying on an empty island.

_Now it’s stable, but in the wrong pitch, Sophie Watzlawick, 2020, 5′ / And now, is it better like this? Or like this?

_Solid Sources, Melina Pafundi, 2022, 4′ / The music video gazes the grain of time lapsed, long exposed and overlapped landscapes broadening a sense of time and geographies, giving tribute to the stories in the palm of the hands milling the grain. (Lyrics & vocals Liaam Iman • Arrangement, Production, Composition, Mixing Andi Stecher)

_Januar, 28 – 30, Jan Peters, 2022, 9′ / Excerpt from my diary film „January, 1-31″ which consists of 31 reels (one per day) with a length of 3 minutes each.

_Enthusiasm, Ojoboca, 2022, 8′ / A film about wanting to see a cat.