Different Hands – Different Eyes



Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy have been in Jakarta all month participating in the Ruangrupa ArtLab program.

On April 24th & 27th they will give a talk on LaborBerlin and the independent film lab model at the Technology Institute (ITB) in Bandung and the Goethe Institut in Jakarta. They will also present a screening of films by Christopher Becks & Peter Miller, Guillaume Cailleau & Ben Russell, Deborah S. Phillips, Thorsten Fleisch and Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy.

On the 26th at the Ruangrupa Gallery they will give a 16mm shooting and developing workshop as well as a presentation about their film project on the phenomenon of the “Masked Monkeys”. They will speak about the results of their research on this marginal economic activity and the way it relates to issues of urban mobility and informal economic transactions.