Andrea Novoa – Mientras Todo Cambia / While Everything Changes



Andrea Novoa, the third international resident that has been working at S.P.A.C.E. from the 26th of July, will present her installation “Mientras Todo Cambia / While Everything Changes” on the 21st of September at 19:00 in Wiesenstraße 29 in Berlin.

The installation is the result of experimentation on the behavior of light during the process of printing 16mm material filmed as a visual study of a lake in the South of Chile which is beginning to disappear. The installation attempts to re-assemble that landscape, through the possibilities of color variation and reiteration of images, analog editing and installation, where now observers become the stones that emerge to the surface.

Andrea Novoa (1988) is a Chilean artist based in southern Chile, where she co-founded the independent laboratory La pieza oscura. She studied photography in Chile and has a Master’s degree in film essay in Cuba. Since 2016, she works mainly in film formats, experimenting with the expressive possibilities of the image in its different analogical phases of creation, handmade development and projection. Her work explores the relationship between the understanding of nature and social contexts, questioning our ways as a society to link with it. She is also interested in the constant experimentation around the pre-established limits between cinema and visual arts. Her work currently explores the different forms of staging, testing crossings between projection, installation, performance and live music.

19:00 Opening
20:00 Q&A with the artist
21:00 Performance with DJ Buses del sur

21st of September
19:00 – 22:00
Wiesenstraße 29