LaborBerlin 2.0 – FILM AIN’T DEAD


FILM AIN’T DEAD – – our crowd-funding campaing is getting to the end and we need your help!!! We are absolutely overwhelmed and excited by the incredible support that has been mustered up in the last 24 hours!  A MASSIVE THANK YOU to each and every one of our 363 donors and everyone else who has been supporting us in so many other ways!

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We are so so so close to reaching our goal!  We need to raise 8247€ in these last 2 days!  We can do this with YOUR support! It seems unbelievable – but if each and every one of our supporters raised just another 24€ from their friends we will reach our goal!

Please help us reach out to new supporters. Every phone-call, every message on facebook, and every email makes a huge difference!

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