Campaign FILM AIN’T DEAD ends


Dearest LaborBerlin 2.0 Supporters!


Last night the impossible happened!   Overnight we reached an unbelievable 101% of our funding goal!  Every one of us at LaborBerlin is absolutely drowning in gratitude for all the support and donations that have flooded in over the last 6 weeks of our campaign.  For everyone who could not donate but supported us in countless other ways we are also incredibly grateful!

We are on top of the world right now to know that great things can happen when enough people gather around and demand to see a change!

From the very beginning we had no idea that we could grow such a strong movement.  But what was clear already is that throughout this campaign LaborBerlin has been changing.  We have reached beyond ourselves and contextualised who we are, both locally in Berlin, but also globally amongst the network of awesome analogue activists from Indonesia to Cairo to Toronto and everywhere in-between.  We are humbled by our incredible new connections to others who also demand that analogue film is here to stay. & we dreamed about what we want to see for the future!

But it is each and everyone of our ANALOGUE FILM WARRIORS who has made this possible!  We really made some noise together!!  & LaborBerlin is already expanded with all your voices shouting out loudly with us that FILM AIN’T DEAD!!!!

Thank you a thousand million times from the very bottom of our analogue beating hearts!

Please look at our campaign page here:


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