When You’re The Mouse


LaborBerlin member Juan David Gonzales Monroy has a solo show at Holz Kohlen Koks, opening Friday, Oct. 21st.

First impersonation of The Whole

In 1985 a mole was sent to infiltrate the headquarters of The Whole Inc., the corporate arm of The Whole Worshipers. As you may know, The Whole Worshipers are our sworn enemies. For centuries The Whole Worshipers have been engaged in a dirty war against us, The Hole Worshipers. Their sole purpose has always been the absolute annihilation of our people and our way of life. It is well known that they have wasted no effort in trying to achieve this goal. Let us not forget, for example, the flooding of the South-East-Subcutaneous Tunnels of 1883.

However in the past three decades they have developed and transformed their methods to the point where it has become increasingly difficult for us to know when, how and even if we were being attacked. Understandably we have been living in a state of perpetual uncertainty and fear. It has reached a point where it is ever more difficult to even identify a Hole Worshipers, let alone know if he/she is being hostile. Therefore, 26 years ago it was decided that we should send one of our own, Zero Edmundo II! the XV, into the belly of the enemy in order to acquire intelligence about these new hole destruction strategies. (click here to continue reading)

Holz Kohlen Koks
October 21st – November 6th 2011
Opening Hours Tuesday through Saturday 2PM to 7PM
Reuterstr 82, 12053 Berlin

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