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BIG CONGRATULATIONS to Melissa Dullius and Gustavo Jahn who won best international film award for CAT EFFEKT at the 4th Janela International Film Festival Recife. The artistic couple that collaborates under the moniker Distruktur was brought back to their native Brasil to present their work at a string of festival screenings and exhibitions.

The Rio de Janeiro International Short Film Festival dedicated one program to Distruktur’s films and exhibited their POSTCARDS series in an installation. If you happen to find yourself in Porto Alegre, make sure to check out the upcoming group show called VANISHING POINT in which Distruktir will present a double 16mm projection installation GUERRERO.

The Janela International Film Festival also invited Distruktur to teach a 16mm workshop. Entitled Corpo Sensível, the workshop was held from November 7th to 11th. Participants learned how to use a 16mm camera, shoot and hand process footage, edit and project celluloid. The result of the workshop was presented in a group screening. The goal was to help start an independent film lab in Recife. The festival sponsored lomo tanks, splicers, rewinds, film and chemistry.

photo by Bruna Valença

Melissa and Gustavo report: “so far, there is no grassroots film lab in Brasil. We hope very much that a group of enthusiasts will start a lab, and discussions to do this have already begun. We think it’s only a matter of time until a lab is opened. Participants of the workshop came to Recife from other cities as well (Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo) to take part in the workshop. They’re friends with lots of people who are interested in working with celluloid.”

On the first day of the workshop, Melissa and Gustavo screened works by LaborBerlin members. The screening was attended by workshop participants, as well as festivalgoers. The program included:

Slow ClubRasa Juskeviciute & Egy Boy (Super 8 Picnic in a Hand Lab – Vilnius)
Awe SchocksJuan David Gonzales & Anja Dornieden
Beyrouth, Automne 2005Leïla Saadna
Les NoctambulesSophie Watzlawick
PostcardsMelissa Dullius & Gustavo Jahn
ThroughGuillaume Cailleau
H(i)JGuillaume Cailleau

Photo by Bruna Valença
Photo by Bruna Valença
Photo by Bruna Valença
Photo by Bruna Valença
Photo by Bruna Valença

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