Kuhle Wampe Revisited


Kuhle Wampe Revisited
Audio Visual Research Workshop in Berlin – “Kuhle Wampe Revisited”
With the New Yorker Collective Red Channels

How is it possible to invent new forms of solidarity in times of imposed capitalist absurdity? How can we define new spaces of struggle against the suffering of budget cuts, mass unemployment and nationalist threat? And not what is to be done, but how is it to be done?

“Kuhle Wampe, or Who Owns The World” was a communist avant-garde cinema project conceived in the Berlin summer of 1932, under an atmosphere of no money, no time, and extreme political oppression. Immediately censored after its release by both the German state and the Soviet Union, Kuhle Wampe explores the tension between the petite bourgeoisie family and the principle of collective solidarity.
We hope to facilitate a collective response to the film, open to all.
Using video as our primary means of documentation, we invite everybody to collaborate with us on this research project, which is open to any media or practice.

We want to reimagine, retrace, remix, reenact, and reload Kuhle Wampe.
 We want to film, perform, intervene, interrogate, walk, bike and sing Kuhle Wampe.
We want to create a cinematic compilation of our collective responses to Kuhle Wampe.

Free. Bring equipment if you have it.
 Languages: German, English, Denglish.

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