Kinetica Book Launch


Below are some photos from the Kinetica Book Launch that took place October 6th through 9th 2011 at Gran Lux in St Étienne‏.

Here is an excerpt from a blog entry by our wondermental friend in Leeds, Cherry Kino, who attended the event:

Kinetica “is about alternative spaces for cinematographic experiments, i.e. spaces used for cinema activity that weren’t originally cinema spaces. The [authors of the book] visited loads of these places around Europe [LaborBerlin included] and compiled their information and photos into a gorgeous book. The launch event had loads of projections, live film performances, and installations, including a sound performance too. There was food too, and we all met lots of different people engaged in similar cinematic activity, with similar aims and desires, it felt like it had a really big impact on everyone there, and it was really enjoyable. I feel wiped out with tiredness (and partying) but absolutely invigorated at the same time, passion rising for cinema cinema cinema!”

Download the program brochure
Information on where to order the book (in French)
Continue reading Cherry Kino’s blog entry and see more photos