WORKSHOP: Tri-colour 16mm Film Projection



Tri-colour 16mm Film Projection
(with b&w reversal processing)

A beginners workshop on shooting, hand processing,
projecting and colour filtering your own b&w film loops  

Saturday, July 13th
10 am – 6 pm
at LaborBerlin

The world’s first colour image was made using black and white film. And that’s exactly what we’ll do in this workshop. Re-create it on 16mm motion film. And in an artistic, performative and contemporary context. Learn how to shoot and develop b/w reversal film in this beginners workshop. Participants will get to play around with colour filters, projection, superimposition of images, as well explore 16mm loops in an artistic context.

LaborBerlin e.V. is welcoming our guests Simran Ankolkar, Namrata Sanghani, Karan Suri Talwar from Harkat Lab in Mumbai. This summer the three are going on a European tour, showing their latest film performance “Laal Aasmaan, Hara Gulaab, Neeli Dharti” (Red Sky, Green Rose, Blue Earth) in Paris, Rennes, Rotterdam, Barcelona and finally in Berlin. The performance is based on black & white 16mm film loops in analogue projection, which the three will colour tweak during their performance. Images mix, superimpose, juxtapose and speak to each other on screen. If you are interested in attending the performance on July 14th, please check our website, social media or newsletter for updates…

Harkat Studios is an alternative arts, film and performance space, programming and curating on the fringe in Mumbai. Their key programmes include the annual 16mm Film Festival, regular multi-disciplinary shows and screenings, and an analog film lab with year-long workshops. The lab functions as a collective and an incubator working with the photochemical medium, giving ourselves and other makers the space, tools and knowledge. As a collective of individual makers, the intent is to be aware of one’s cultural foundations in the process of making and seeing. Notions of identity, storytelling, belonging, community, time and space inform a lot of the work Harkat does.

The Workshop will be an introduction into the experimental practices and effects with 16mm analogue film that are also part of the above mentioned performance. This includes shooting on 16mm film, hand processing b&w reversal film, analogue film projection and experimentation with colour filters.

This is a beginners workshop and there are no requirements as such. However, if you have experience with any aspect of photography, film shooting or darkroom practice, this can be helpful.

Saturday, July 13th 2024

10 am – 6 pm (with one hour lunch break)

LaborBerlin e.V.
Prinzenallee 58
13359 Berlin (2nd backyard, left wing, ground floor)

Simran Ankolkar, Namrata Sanghani, Karan Suri Talwar

Due to limited space in our darkroom we can only offer a total of eight spots.

We are charging a fee of 60 Euros which includes remuneration for the three facilitators, a donation to LaborBerlin and it covers all costs for materials and chemicals being used.

If you want to take part in the workshop, please send a direct email to the organising team under: 

Friday 5th July at 23:59 hrs.