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Thursday 29 Sep // 22:00 // Sputnik Kino and The Macuto Collective have put together an extraordinary cinematographic event! A two-block program made up of great short films done by Berliners (by birth or by choice). Only films shot on film…All for the modest price of 3,50 euros! Without further ado, here’s the line up for the night:

First Block (ca. 53min)

8:43 AM by B. Berbank-Green, 2010, 16mm
Synopsis: A business woman stresses about the pressures in her life, a balance of work, relationships and her child….but are her worries all to late?

PILZ by Lukas Feigelfeld, 2010, 16mm
Synopsis: Tormented by a sick leg, a young mother is not able to see the lack of care for her scared and confused child.

Lamento by Mauro Paglia, 2011
Synopsis: A monologue on the nature of emotions

The Eye by The Macuto Collective, 2010, Super 8
Synopsis: A man’s infatuation with the subjects of his super 8 film goes as far as to intrude with his reality, or is it the other way

Kampf dem Drachen by Falko Seidel, 2008, Super 8
Synopsis: Im zweiten Teil der angestrebten Serie trifft Don Quichotte auf einen mächtigen Gegner.


Second Block (32 minutes)

Introduced by a very special guest, The Macuto Collective will delight the audience with a 31 minute long, non-stop, comedic spectacle. Six short films chosen from their classic repertoire plus five micro surprises…

….and after the show…

…drinks, music, visuals and autographs in the foyer, of course. All directors, except for some of the over-sea members of TMC, will be present at the screening, so you’ll be able to buy their new projects, or at least try to.

Sputnik Kino, Haseneide 54 (near U-Bahn Sudstern U7)
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