3-D installations by Juan David Gonzalez

We are proud to announce the beginning of our presentation for your new homes. Putting aside the tragedy of the marshmallow factory explosion, we have selected this storefront space to give you 3D renderings of “The Old Prairie”, your new state of the art habitation Complex. It will include all the amenities you wish you had before and those you didn’t even know you needed.

Once again we want to extend our deepest apologies for the unfortunate accident that destroyed your homes. However we have already broken ground on the new buildings just a few hundred meters from where “The Prairie” used to be. So come by every Tuesday and Friday evening by the gallery space at Maybach Ufer 16;, peak through the window and peer into your future.

The Whole Inc.

P.S. A new image will be displayed every Tuesday and every Friday for the upcoming weeks. The date of the unveiling of our entire plan for reconstruction (live visual effects and music!) will be announced in the near future.


BRING YOUR FILMS! We’ll screen Super8 and 16mm films. A digital projector will also be available. Please contact: clara-bausch(at)gmx.de for more information



As part of the exhibition ID-Contemporary Indonesian Art at Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Philip Widman put together a program of striking Indonesian films. The weekly screening series kicks off this Sunday at FSK. Moeder Dao by Vincent Monnikendam is definitely worth a look for anyone interested in archival material, and we’ll be posting a reminder here!


Martha Colburn artist talk

Interflugs artist talk at UdK, 07.12.2010 // 19:30 // Hardenbergstraße 33 // Raum 110

Martha Colburn is a filmmaker and multimedia artist. Born in Pennsylvania in 1971, she now lives and works between Holland and New York City. She is best known for her hand painted films and stop-motion animations. On Tuesday Martha will discuss her work and show some of her films. www.marthacolburn.com

Me and We, Us and I

Me and We

Film program at Arsenal // 07 & 08.12.2010 // 17:00// Two screenings programmed by Stefanie Gaus and Madeleine Bernstorff. Examines in/formal strategic or activist collectives/collaborations, alterity, and cinema as collective memory. Films by Piel Jutzi, Groupe Medvedkine, Westberliner Filmkollektiv, Cristina Perincioli, Stefan Hayn, Kurt and Christine Rosenthal, Paulin Suleiman Vieyra, Groupe Africain du Cinéma, Sarah Maldoror, Santiago Alvarez, et al. find out more


Blinding Light

Blinding Light

Blinding Light ist eine Ausstellung, die im Dezember 2010 im Foyer des Atelier-Kinos zu sehen ist. Die Ausstellung zeigt Arbeiten von Adam Harrison und Stephan Machac und konzentriert sich auf die fotografische und filmische Darstellung kinematografischer Systeme. weiterlesen