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FILM AIN’T DEAD FOREVER – Party at Südblock

Date: Friday, March 18 2016
Miniconcerts: 23:00 (Doors: 22:00)
Location: Südblock, Admiralstr. 1-2, 10999 Berlin


Analogue film is grainy and dirty, baby. On this dark night, LaborBerlin invites your grainy dirty side to party with us in an offering to celebrate the future/s of analogue film. All film, art and music in solidarity with the FILM AIN’T DEAD project from LaborBerlin to protect our heritage of analogue film history and sustain diversity in future film practice.

For more information about the initiative from LaborBerlin, please check out the following link – LaborBerlin 2.0 – FILM AIN’T DEAD!

More information about the event here.

FILM AIN’T DEAD – Expanded Cinema at Spektrum

Date: Saturday, March 5 2016
Screening: 20:00
Location: Spektrum | art science community, Bürknerstr. 12, 12047 Berlin

In the earliest days of film, every screening was a performance; projectors were hand-cranked, sound was performed live. Today outside of the multiplex, analog filmmakers carry on the tradition of film as a unique experience.

For the third event in the LABORBERLIN 2.0 – FILM AIN’T DEAD crowd-funding initiative we’re happy to present an evening of expanded cinema created by LaborBerlin members and friends. Come and experience film beyond the limits of the single screen. Multiple projectors, multiple screens, live sound, and the warm glow of celluloid await you. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see film alive before your eyes.

All proceeds will be added to our campaign. Join the movement! Spread the word! FILM AIN’T DEAD!

Preto & Branco (c)Distruktur, 2015


BRIDGES TO CROSS by Deborah Phillips in collaboration with Ibrahim al Harasch (2016 I 10 min I 2 x slide projectors)
PRETO E BRANCO by Distruktur in collaboration with Chatschatur Kanajan (violin + eletronics) (2015 I 10 min I 2 x 16mm)
APOCALYPSE FOR YOU by Anja Dornieden & Juan David González Monroy (2014 I 20 min I 2x 16mm)
DEMAIN by Igor Buharov, Guillaume Cailleau and Michel Balagué in collaboration with Amélie Legrand and Tatsumi Ryusui (2016 I 20 min I 16mm, Super8 & digital projection).


Photos: Bernd Lützeler & Arne Hector

FILM AIN’T DEAD – Screening at Ausland

Date: Thursday, February 25 2016
Screening: 20:00
Location: Ausland, Lychener Strasse 60, 10437 Berlin


FILM AIN’T DEAD and will never die. At least for us in LaborBerlin e.V. But for sure it gets more and more rare to show and watch films on film. For this screening we prepared a programme composed by 14 short films by LaborBerlin members, produced between 2002 and 2016. All of them will be projected in 16 and 35mm copies, many of them with optical sound. Come share with us this moment of true analog beauty. After the projection musical entertainment will be provided by mfx.

Thank you Ausland for the invitation and co-organization, specially Michael Freerix and Mario Michel.

Last and the most important: This event is part of the crowd funding campaign and all proceeds will be donated to this initiative. Follow the campaign here – LaborBerlin 2.0 – FILM AIN’T DEAD!.


71 (16mm, 7 min, 2005) by Deborah S Phillips
Alcheringa (16mm, 4 min, 2016) by Björn Speidel
Guido Möbius: Batagur Baska (35mm, 7 min, 2016) by Bernd Lützeler
Copie Pirate – 2 Days in Paris (16mm, 3 min, 2007) by Irene Revolte
Don’t Look Back / Labirinto (16mm, 6 min, 2012) by Distruktur
Double Happiness (16mm, 6 min, 2016) by Sadashivam Rao
Hotel Tubu (35mm, 4 min, 2002) by Igor & Ivan Buharov
Johnny and the gooses (35mm, 6 min, 2009) by Igor & Ivan Buharov / Vasile Croat
Release – Exercise with hair 1 (16mm, 3 min, 2016) by Imogen Heath
Saindo de Roca Sales (16mm, 4 min, 2015) by Distruktur
Schleusenroth – 3. Version (16mm, 14 min, 2014-16) by Volga
Sepp Herberger (35mm, 7 min, 2014) by Björn Speidel
Studie zur Farbe (16mm, 8 min, 2014) by Lucas Bueno Maia
The Voice of God (35mm, 10 min, 2011) by Bernd Lützeler


Big thank-you to everyone who came last weekend to DIFFRAKTION #6! It was an incredible night with so many wonderful films and live-film performances. It was an honor to host 2 awesome guest programs with Amanda Thomson from IRIS film collective (Vancouver/Canada) and Rizki Lazuardi from Lab Laba-Laba, Indonesia. That night we also launched our new initiative and crowdfunding campaign, LABORBERLIN 2.0 – FILM AIN’T DEAD.


Photos © Joe Kake / Joe K. Photography


Saturday February 6th
SilentGreen Kulturquartier / Gerichtstr. 35, Berlin 13347
Doors open at 7pm. Films begin at 7.30pm

The annual showcase of new films and expanded cinema works by LaborBerlin members and international guests.

On this very special occasion in 2016, LaborBerlin launches their new initiative, LABORBERLIN 2.0 – FILM AIN´T DEAD, a funding campaign to support the expansion of this independent film-lab as a commitment to the future of film and diversity in film-making practice. As one of the last remaining commercial film-labs in Germany closes its doors, LaborBerlin is trying to raise funds to purchase this equipment and keep film alive. All proceeds from DIFFRAKTION will be donated to the new initiative.

Full program and more info: www.laborberlin-film.org/diffraktion
Facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/1497184297254728


Workshop: The Projector As Instrument

Date: Monday, February 8 & Tuesday, February 9 2016
Workshop: 10:00 – 17:00 both days
Location: LaborBerlin e.V., Prinzenallee 58, 13359 Berlin

This workshop is open to non-LaborBerlin members.
Previous processing experience is recommended, but not necessary.

Floris Vanhoof_exhibition view_c Philippe De Gobert (5)

LaborBerlin is proud to welcome Floris Vanhoof to lead the first workshop of the RE-MI (Re-Engineering Moving Image) project. REMI is a cooperation project run by Mire (Nantes, FR), WORM.Filmwerkplaats (Rotterdam, NL) and LaborBerlin (Berlin, DE), focused on the creation, preservation and circulation of technical knowledge of analogue film in order to support its use as a creative medium.

Floris will lead participants in exploring the possibilities of the film projector as an artistic tool. Together they will shoot, develop and print footage in black and white and color which they will combine with multiple projectors to explore different techniques of loop phasing. Join us in transforming the projector from a passive device into an an instrument that can push the boundaries of perception. More information about the workshop can be found on here.

Floris Vanhoof from Antwerpen (BE), is a media-archeologist who deliberately chooses analogue technology, not for nostalgic reasons but because he wants to experiment with what once has been considered high-tech. His work also includes new technologies like microprocessors. Technology is not an end in itself but a means to explore new images, ideas and sounds in a poetic way.

Participation is limited and pre-registration is required. To register for the workshop please send an email to labor.organisation@gmail.com

Workshop fee for non-members: 50 €


Tinting & Toning Workshop

Date: 22./23.01.2016, 10.00 – 18.00 Uhr
Location: Fotowerkstatt des riesa efau Wachsbleichstraße 4a, 01067 Dresden

Workshop_TintingToning_Dresden Kopie

LaborBerlin members Anja Dornieden and Juan David González will once again be teaching a workshop at the Dresdner Schmalfilmtage. For two days they will be exploring the possibilities of tinting, toning, bleaching and hand coloring super8 and 16mm film.

Spots are still available. To register visit the festival website.

RE MI website launch


The website for RE MI, a collaborative project between Mire (France), Worm.Filmwerkplaats (Netherlands) and LaborBerlin is now live. RE MI is a two-year project focused on the present and future of motion picture film. Along with the next International Film Labs Meeting, we will be organizing events, workshops, talks and much more. Please check the website regularly for updates.